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Being an artist is never a job, it’s a passion, that awakes your mind and brain all the life. So am Raj, an artist. I work as an artist , I live as an artist, And even i breath as an artist. Am into variety of painting media such as color painting, Acrylics, Crayon Painting. . I’m passionate about painting watercolor portraits, Acrylics, Crayon Painting, I love painting .My love towards colors were always extreme from childhood. After Working as a part time artist I have decided to start Weekend Classes And Training of Painting & Arts To Whom All Interested (Above 5 Years). Hailing from Ranchi, Jharkhand, has always been inclined towards arts and culture. I have completed Fine Arts Diploma from Bangiya Sanskritik Parishat and engineering from NIT Calicut, Kerala. Your Support is very critical for me, please support me.



    Thanks Raj.. Had a wonderful time.Looking forward for more sessions.

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    Ramyaa Srivatsan


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